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Strange Befores

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Strange befores Aftermath in hindsight Nothing In the middle But transient space Familiar voices In my head Speak about regrets Strange face Old pictures A me long gone Nothing Holds the wave of sadness Could have beens No more Familiar pain Throbbing A sad song humming Hope rising Stranger me Holding on to dear life In a life long gone Until my me broke free With nowhere to go Transient space

Told you

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parental alienation / Poem

Told you not to poke the bear Told you not to eat the Cake Told you not to play with them Told you not to tread so loudly Told you not to love your dad Defended you against the bear Saved you from becoming fat Yelled at them for being mean Taught you how to be considerate Rewarded you for calling him names Never told you bear was friend Never told you cake makes happy […]