Seven Sins Surfacing

Watch out for your righteousness
It can turn
So very easily
Into self-righteous adulation
Of ego

Watch out for your lies
Your hunger for power
Can turn your win
So easily
Into a loss you cannot predict

Watch out for your hate
It poisons your soul
Each day
You feed it
Until the darkness has swallowed you

Watch out for your greed
Your need to own
To have, to stuff, to fill
You never know
Who holds the keys to these shakles

Watch out for your infidelities
They take
Much more
Than you think
Are you able to pay this bill

Watch out for your envy
Your bitterness
Your bile
Do you want to be beholden
To such masters

Watch out for your laziness
Idle gossip
Your refusal to live
Just sit
And permit the darkness to permeate

In my garden


I found a mind running wild.
I fed it chocolate and ideas,
and send it on its way.

I found a heart running wild.
I fed it strawberries and love,
and send it on its way.

I found a soul running wild,
I fed it light and rain, fire, earth, and wind,
and send it on its way.

You wonder why?

Because that’s what my garden grows.
My garden grows, earth, light, rain and wind,
and trees full of chocolate and strawberries.

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