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Hermetic Priciples

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As above so below As within so outwith As mother so father Every cause has its effect Every effect has its cause Child your roots were never lost Child your father never cross Child stop playing a broken record Child start listening to the truth As within you hold the answers And your soul knows but do you?

Parental Alienation Day: Live Light Installation

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Light Installation / video

Today I am not sharing my own work, but the work of my partner. He has worked in light-design for over 17 years, and on parental alienation day 2019, finally decided to create his own designs. The development took about a month, and as any good perfectionist, there are much more and more sophisticated things to be done if there would have been more time. The LED screen is 7×2 meters. Background Interview I interviewed […]


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Photo Poems / Poem

The heart of a lion in winter Compassion galore Empathy in oodles Smile like the sun Like the sister Gentle giant becoming Fierce warrior gawky Diamon uncut Sadnes like a cloud of dust Surrounds you always Your responsibility is your life Not hers Not his Stay safe In an ocean of madness You are missed always Every day Every hour Old lion’s grey mane Shaggy grief Leaves traces in the dust


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Parental Alienation Mourning Time lost Opportunities lost My heart breaks Every day Watching you wait I worry Every day That the sadness will take over Engulf you too much I am sad For them I know how no dad feels like The echo is still painful The border between The three of you Isn’t permanent But it might as well be The Mexican wall Is her manipulation As intangible as the other narcissist’s dream But […]

Told you

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parental alienation / Poem

Told you not to poke the bear Told you not to eat the Cake Told you not to play with them Told you not to tread so loudly Told you not to love your dad Defended you against the bear Saved you from becoming fat Yelled at them for being mean Taught you how to be considerate Rewarded you for calling him names Never told you bear was friend Never told you cake makes happy […]


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the photo of cake my stepdaughter made turned into an abstract piece of art with mirror imaging which makes it look like a later Vitorian brooch

Life isn’t Mutually exclusive Love isn’t Mutually exclusive Your space to live To thrive To grow My space to live To thrive To grow His love for you His love for me My love for you My love for him There is so much space For it all However, protect your love Your love for yourself Her pain Is not yours to carry Her darkness Is not yours to follow Her abuse Is not yours […]

A Proxy for War 02

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  Selling your Child When Greed couldn’t find a way, And her battle seemed lost, Because the warrioress had teamed up with the fog monster, She froze imovable in stale mate. Her rage had fallen on fallow fields. The first time her violence did not yield harvest. But Greed’s strongest power broke free; Smashed through the window of sanity. ‘If I sell my only son to the fog monster, I can still win!’ And winning, […]