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photo winter scene ... snow covered fields, dark grey sky, a large bare tree on the right, sun barely breaking through the clouds just left of the tree

You need no mask You need no hiding You walk unseen Amongst the living Yet you can hear Can listen They speak About your strength your beauty your light your resilience You hear Yet are unseen Until that day on which you learn that it was you who didn’t see yourself that is the day you start breathing

Translating Reality

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You live in a hostile world There are monsters everywhere Trust no one! Your peaceful you seeks solace Even in company Your angry you A tornado of defense and attack In the aftermath You don’t remember Blurred lines Blurred pictures No emotions He said, she said ‘Actually that’s not what happened.’ I translate The skewed reality Into something less hostile I put bridles on the monsters Then one day Your peaceful you Your angry you […]

A Proxy for War

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Short Story

She was stuck. All her campaigns at stale mate. Her soldiers out of steam. But she had to, had to win the war, Against a projection of evil. A fog in her brain. Trauma telling her a story that didn’t exist. I need to win. I need control Suddenly, a new face appeared at the sidelines. A warrioress unaware of the dire Greed for power and control in the centre of the battlefield. The Greed […]