I have nothing to say

I have nothing to say 
That could sway you
I have nothing to say
You are able to hear
I have nothing to say
That would touch you
I have nothing to say
You could understand

You have nothing to hear
But your hatred
You have nothing to hear
But your spite
You have nothing to hear
But your darkness
You have nothing hear
That would give you respite

For years I try to find words
For years I try to understand
For years I try to empathize
But all I can speak of is darkness
But all that I can grasp his vile
But all I can feel is evil projectile vomiting of hate

When have you gotten so lost?


‘It’s bleeding in now’
He says

‘Seeing me, seeing you’
Elven hunter confused

‘I am so alone’
A dragon in my dorm room

‘Come sister dance with us’
Whispers under willows

‘I know you know’
That guy is a troll, or dwarf—something earthy

‘Hello little witch’
Disguised as human—know not what

‘Can’t go back, connection doesn’t exist anymore’
Disney’s Stitch just completely black

My hand reaches through
The tree

Reality drips tenaciously
From my finger tips

‘Welcome to the multiverse’
The green sparrow tweets

Thoughts meandering
Through space and time


Inspired by: John Beckett

Halloween echoes

Maple Bottom in Alps, Austria

A de ja vu
Crisp morning air
In August
Yellow leaves on the ground

Fast forward
Into September
Mist creates diamond droplets
Spiderwebs bejeweled our garden

The end of October is nigh
Halloween anticipation runs high
Dark times are coming
Stories be told
Of heroines and evil millenia old

The witches are flying
Their besoms knarly
Guardians of wisdom
Custodians of healing

The strong ones
The silent
The loud
The unseen
The ones dressed in black
The ones dressed in green

Come sisters join me
In journeys unknown
Across the darkened sky
A song on hollowed bone

Not a single verse of this poem actually works with the rhythm of the others. A bit like the leaves tumbling down all different shades and shapes and stages of decay. So this is probably more a random tumbling of thoughts. I also wrote this over three months August, September, October.


I could speak of crisp mornings
And coloured leaves
Of seasons changing
And autumn wreaths

I could speak of cold winds
And gossamer
Of rain caressing my skin
And barren tree-trunks columnar

But I want to sing a song to you instead
A song you might not have heard quite yet
It may have hummed in the back of your head
But not clearly enough to for you to get

It’s a song of freedom
A song of letting go
Do like the trees
Embrace autumn’s flow

Shed what doesn’t serve you
habits, shame, guilt, foes
Forgive yourself
For whatever your woes

Forgive the perpetrator
For their weak soul
Forgive circumstance
For lessons outwith your control

Understand that life
Is a myriad of shards
The sharp edges
Can sometimes pierce your heart

But shards also have
Smooth surfaces–more so
And reflect who you are
Your soul and your turso

Embrace all the wrinkles
The pimples the scars
Embrace all your light
Your love and your wars

You have fought well
But now stop and breathe
And let your sword fall
Take a break and retrieve

The dark time’s a coming
The long nights dark and smooth
Look into the mirror
And see your own truth

Take time out for healing
Take time out for joy
Take time out for self-care
You are in your own employ

The neighbours cut our trees in half

Grief in green
Forlorn you stand
Still tall
But only half your beauty

The neighbours thought you messy

Your brother
Mutilated last year
In agony send pilot shoots
Across the garden
10 meters away in hope
Of survival

Or garden is like the opening
Of Asterix and Obelix

One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders.

Asterix and Obelix

A green oasis
Amidst baren order
Tidy boredom without bees
Grashalms stand at attention

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