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What if?

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What if being youis good enough? What if you are actually thatsmartfunnycaringcreativeorganisedwarm? What if you permit yourself to be enough? What if you are even more than enough? What if you belief you are actually worth it? What could you achieve if you would believe all of this?

Outer Hebrides

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Outtakes / parental alienation

The last two weeks were spend camping in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Whilst kayaking and walking there were many moments for reflections and insights, I am going to share in poetry and blog form. I am also really excited to share some of my experiments with you. Working with the environment we were in, I created a ‘Washed Away’ mini-series around themes that follow abuse, such as shame, and fear. And another one focusing […]

Stories–a poem

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Outtakes / Poem

A poem lingers in the back of my throat; scratching my vocal cords like an angry cat. When I close my eyes words dart across my lids like alarmed starlings from the cherry tree. The rhythm of words pulsates through my veins, like the bass from a subwoofer. I hear the echoes of stories wanting told, wanting an audience, needing out–into the open. Every cell of my body wants to tell stories; for in stories […]