Month: April 2019

Parental Alienation Day: Live Light Installation

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Light Installation / video

Today I am not sharing my own work, but the work of my partner. He has worked in light-design for over 17 years, and on parental alienation day 2019, finally decided to create his own designs. The development took about a month, and as any good perfectionist, there are much more and more sophisticated things to be done if there would have been more time. The LED screen is 7×2 meters. Background Interview I interviewed […]


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Photo Poems / Poem

The heart of a lion in winter Compassion galore Empathy in oodles Smile like the sun Like the sister Gentle giant becoming Fierce warrior gawky Diamon uncut Sadnes like a cloud of dust Surrounds you always Your responsibility is your life Not hers Not his Stay safe In an ocean of madness You are missed always Every day Every hour Old lion’s grey mane Shaggy grief Leaves traces in the dust