Month: February 2019

Told you

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parental alienation / Poem

Told you not to poke the bear Told you not to eat the Cake Told you not to play with them Told you not to tread so loudly Told you not to love your dad Defended you against the bear Saved you from becoming fat Yelled at them for being mean Taught you how to be considerate Rewarded you for calling him names Never told you bear was friend Never told you cake makes happy […]

Suffixes for Abuse

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The prefixes you have for meUsually start with fucking (insert derogatory term here)You used them the moment you knew off meNot anything about me–just off me A threat to your carefully spun web of deceitOf course you feel threatened by meYou cannot manipulate meYou cannot predict me Your open threat:‘Hands down I will win.’Won’t work with meI am healing–the nounThat means I am ripping off band-aids Granddad always said:‘Let air touch the wound to heal.’Air, […]

Say it with Art!

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mixed media art

14th of February-29 March 2019 If you are in any way affected by Brexit and want to express your situation and feelings through an artwork, poem or short story and share it more widely, please keep reading this open invitation. Launch of a digital art collection We are launching the creation of the open access digital collection Say it with Art and would love you to contribute by submitting an artwork, poems or short stories […]

Brexit Scotland

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Freedom of movement 02 This is like ‘Harry Potter’ Niece age 5 My new university I wanted to live somewhere else Where my dad’s death was not so loud Because he never was here With mountains, hills, water, woods ‘That’s my place’, I said touching the walls Hearing their song That’s where I belong Freedom of movement

#Brexit Italy

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View of snow covered alps

Freedom of Movement 01 Just keep driving We looked at one another Two sisters One thought Just keep driving Over the Alps Like Hannibal Without elephants With an old Fiesta Just keep driving Only two cylinders working One week holiday left Brilliant views Steep climbs Just keep driving To Venice Freedom of movement