Month: January 2019


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full moon with clouds moving across ... one might expect werewolves

Out there Over night While we sleep The goddess is bleeding Nurturing the new year Wolfmoon too The howl vibrates Calling the hunters Breath formed to ice The hunt laborious Snow is high Garnet on white Blood above Blood below The new year awakens

A blessing

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Poem / prayer
grass and pink flowers the photo looks like the smell of summer

Christening A blessing for my goddaughter I wish for you to be brave and strongto follow your heartto live a life that mattersbe as big or as small as you wantbut never smaller than yourselfbe happy—always—learn to dance in the rainEmbrace the thunderstorms and the sunshineAnd dance, or sing, or write, or paint, make bread—create! Get stuck in, with your whole heart. Embrace life. Be a princess, be a dragon slayer.Be a warrior, a healer, a teacher.Be earth, […]