Face your fears

I am uneasy
I don’t trust you
Never turn my back
On top of a high-rise

You laugh
‘Don’t be so serious’
‘Let go!’

And then you jump
Taking me with you
I scream

But then

then I fly

You turn around laughing
And soar off into the distance

I am stunned

I marvel

And continue to fly

I have never seen you again
But I still fly

I learned freedom

Thank you


Not yet happy with this one … but leave it here for now


‘I am running on empty’
I heard a lot these last weeks
November grey not helping
when the sky hides
the sun forgotten in a summer long past

grey above

grey below

the puddles mirror

even the raindrops look grey

hold fast
onto life
even now
in the grey
on empty


after all



is just behind the clouds