Month: August 2017


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I am writing Or am I? I am doodling with words make random pearlstrings of letters some of which short others elongadet beyond reasonable recognition I am drawing if you close your eyes and listen colours will swirl and the worlds I created appear in front of you like magic I am writing –kind of– I stream my feelings mostly in #303030 onto pastellish background My words of wisdom imposed on photos of happier times […]

I can’t say I pray

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So I am having a bit of a dilemma. I have been working with failing students for years and implemented various successful intervention strategies. Yes, these were informed by my knowledge of pedagogy, developmental, and social psychology, and having worked with troubled children and young adults since I was 16. So far so good. Now a colleague asked me, if what I did is transferable and I self-assuredly said of course. My partner laughed at […]

A hidden she-abuser

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Mirror, mirror on the wall Expose her bile to one and all Show the world her true face now To hate and violence I won’t bow Protect the minors’ sanity Stop instantly her profanity Mirror, mirror on the wall Please do expose this brute to all We suffer witnessing sadism and pain She rapes and pillages for control and power gain Mirror, mirror on the wall Please expose the abuser to all Please do Make […]

The Same Stories

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Hidden Island in the mist A Southern Hemisphere Avalon? The sickle moon is a chalice here In their heart our stories are all the same Just slightly tilted To the right: waning To the left: waxing But it is: The same moon The same island The same earth The same people