Month: May 2017

11 ADD (ADHD) Frustrations

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Short Story

1 Spills When you covered half the house in towels to dye your hair And the dye finds 10 uncovered square inches to drip onto and stain for ever Why can I not just be clean and tidy? It’s not that difficult! Come on. 2 Bruises When you ram full force into the edge of a wooden bench adding to innumerable bruises on your legs Why did I not see that? What’s the problem with […]

Empty Space

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Fathers’ Day—25 Years On The hubbub of empty rooms The hullabaloo of music gone bye That unbearable rage of silence Your shadow walking across the courtyard An ethereal body chopping wood The echo of your smell when I hugged you The intangible sensation of your love I am grown up now The resonance of conversations Reverberate in an empty space of my heart 25 years on The empty space is quieter now The echoes shallower […]