when the abuser believes to be the victim
when they don’t see the damage they cause
when they cry wolf to distract from grey fur showing through the sheep skin
when everyone but a few understand exactly who the wolf is
when their manipulation freys at the edges
when happiness threatens their reality
when their forgetting isn’t holding in the demons anymore
whereever they turn the demons are everywhere
there is no escape

An act of writing

Is an act of self-care
An act of connecting
An act of healing
An act of civic duty
An act of kindness
An act of giving voice

Voice to the voiceless
the unseen
the unheard

Sometimes just
the unseen parts of us
the unheard sorrows
the unwitnessed joys that pepper loneliness and make it more acute

An act of writing
Is an act of being
An act of forgiving
An act of punishing

An act of self-truth
I am never that far away from my writing

An act of writing
Is holing up the mirror
to our selves–if we want or not
we are blindsided into looking at our reflection

The mirror is sneaky like that

An act of writing is weaving threads
We are all one
In the end


Hold my coffee and watch me!
Hold onto life as if you could.
Hold out for better things
Hold me tight!
Hold on for the ride.
Don’t hold your breath.

What else have you been told to hold?
How much do you unwittingly carry?
How often have you waited in vain?
How much have you relied on others to carry you?
Are you enjoying the ride; or are you too concerned?
Are you still not breathing properly?

Let air into your lungs.
Raise your chest.
Make a noise as the flow enters your nose.
Make a huff as you release.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Take in.
Let go.
In flow.

Love Lost

I long
But you, you play
I burn
But you, you freeze
I crave
But you, you starve
I seek
But you, you hide

I speak
But you won’t hear
I sing
But you won’t listen
I paint
But you won’t see
I write
But you won’t read

So here I stand
Just me
No more
No less

But you, you cannot see



For C: I could after all do it …

You Can

You can know yourself
Like the back of your hand

You can love yourself
With all your might

You can shine a light
Into the dark corners of your soul
While holding a poker
–Just in case

You can forgive
So generously
As if your life depended on it
–It just might

You can kick
Your own backside
Gently but assertive
–When needs be

You can stand tall
Within yourself
With pride and humility
And serve

You cannot

You cannot cross the same river twice
You cannot go back to change regrets
You cannot predict where tomorrow carries you
You cannot know then what you know now

You cannot sing an unwritten song
You cannot feel when you are numb
You cannot hear over the noise in your mind
You cannot see what’s right in front of you

You cannot fix what’s meant to break
You cannot heal without looking in the mirror
You cannot run from yourself
You cannot flee your past either

You cannot do what you can’t
But can you do
What you can?
Can you be you?


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