Say it with Art!

14th of February-29 March 2019

If you are in any way affected by Brexit and want to express your situation and feelings through an artwork, poem or short story and share it more widely, please keep reading this open invitation.

Launch of a digital art collection

We are launching the creation of the open access digital collection Say it with Art and would love you to contribute by submitting an artwork, poems or short stories about Brexit. We would like to give individuals a voice through art. To express, communicate and connect with others from across the UK and other European countries.

We hope that the Say it with Art collection will be valuable to capture the turbulent moments in which we live, and provide a snapshot of our times to politicians and future generations beyond the dominating, and often polarised, journalistic and political voices. The collection will help others gain deeper insights into the everyday reality, hopes, dreams and fears, of individuals, and their experiences

All work received will be reviewed and work that is respectful and non abusive will be included in the Say it with Art collection.

Submit here!


Our invitation is open to anybody who has something to say about Brexit in the language and format of their choice. To submit your contribution, please access the following Google form at

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Please note, the invitation to submit will remain open until midnight on the 29th of March 2019. Thereafter, the team and supporters of this initiative, will review submissions and put the collection together. An announcement will be made via social media channels using the hashtag #sayitwithart when the collection is ready and how it can be accessed.

If you are the Programme Leader of a BA or an MA in Creative Writing or an Art and Design  programme anywhere in Europe please feel free to invite your students to submit their work for this collection.

We are really looking forward to your contributions and seeing this collection grow.

Chrissi Nerantzi @chrissinerantzi and Nathalie Sheridan @drnsheridan

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Launching today #sayitwithart >>> If you are affected by #Brexit & want to express your situation & feelings through an artwork, poem or short story consider submitting it to https://goo.gl/forms/16DfeveQe3syKSNj2

Are you affected by #Brexit in any way and want to share your situation & feelings through art? Find out more about the #sayitwithart initiative open until the 29th of March 19 at xxx

Are you a poet & don’t know it? Consider sharing your situation & feelings about #Brexit through a poem, short story or artwork, see https://goo.gl/forms/16DfeveQe3syKSNj2 and participate in #sayitwithart

Are you affected by #Brexit and would like to express your situation through a poem? Submit it for the #sayitwithart collection via https://goo.gl/forms/16DfeveQe3syKSNj2

Brexit Scotland

Freedom of movement 02

This is like ‘Harry Potter’
Niece age 5
My new university

I wanted to live somewhere else
Where my dad’s death was not so loud
Because he never was here

With mountains, hills, water, woods
‘That’s my place’, I said touching the walls
Hearing their song

That’s where I belong
Freedom of movement

#Brexit Italy

Freedom of Movement 01

Just keep driving
We looked at one another
Two sisters
One thought

Just keep driving
Over the Alps
Like Hannibal
Without elephants
With an old Fiesta

Just keep driving
Only two cylinders working
One week holiday left
Brilliant views
Steep climbs

Just keep driving
To Venice

Freedom of movement

Brexit: You broke it

Our dream of togetherness
Our home
Our freedom to move
Our freedom to work

You broke it!

Vain dreams of power

Dillusional ideation of grandeur

You broke it!

Our hope of togetherness
Our home
Our peace of mind
Our companionship

You broke it!

Excessive self adulation

How dare you!

Little dreamers of power

Victims of illusion

You broke it!

And you shall pay

Right a wrong

What if you can’t right a wrong?

What if you can’t cry wolf?
What if you cannot pretend?

You know

You placed yourself into a corner
You are stuck
And the only way out
Is truth


Out there
Over night
While we sleep
The goddess is bleeding
Nurturing the new year
Wolfmoon too
The howl vibrates
Calling the hunters
Breath formed to ice
The hunt laborious
Snow is high
Garnet on white
Blood above
Blood below
The new year awakens

A blessing


A blessing for my goddaughter

I wish for you to be brave and strong
to follow your heart
to live a life that matters
be as big or as small as you want
but never smaller than yourself
be happy—always—learn to dance in the rain
Embrace the thunderstorms and the sunshine
And dance, or sing, or write, or paint, make bread—create! 
Get stuck in, with your whole heart. 
Embrace life. 
Be a princess, be a dragon slayer.
Be a warrior, a healer, a teacher.
Be earth, wind, and water. 
Be humble, be grateful, be amazed, and full of wonder.
Climb mountains, curl up with a book.
Help when help is needed. 
Hug your friends. 
Eat an apple a day.
Carry a tissue and a towel (you never know).
If you are scared, stand tall, face your fear.
Know that you are never alone.
If you are sad, cry. Cry me a river.
And then dry your eyes, blow your nose and move on. 
If you are happy dance! And share the smiles.
If you are angry, know why, and use it to make things better.
But most of all love, love yourself, love life, love every morning
you are given
And every day, begin the adventure anew.