No Regrets

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View over wooded hills

I didn’t know how beautiful the mountains were
On whose feet I spend the night
Only now–looking from afar
Can I see their height
Can I see their beauty

That’s life so often
We are too close
To see the bigger picture

Only visible from a distance

So be gentle with yourself
Your decisions can only be based
On what you know at the time
That small piece you can see
Right there
Right then

No regrets!
Only the way forward
Your life is now
Not then

Wild Camping

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view over loch Eck and a chain of hills

A kaleidoscope of cascading ridges
As above
So below

An imperceptible breeze
Gently moves the silvery surface
Ever so slightly distorting the twinning hills
A liquid mirage

It is late August
So late the woods smell of autumn

Mother pine is our host today
The tend pitched within her embracing roots
Clinging to the shoreline

I feel salvaged anyway
The sap moves tangibly below my sleeping matt
Branches above shelter from immediate sun or rain
The moon hangs like a windchime between two pine trunks
Despite the morning light

Tranquility distracts me for a moment
From all the things I should be doing instead


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I am the sole bearer of my guidon

No other has the same colours

‘Each Man is an island.’

You say.

‘But the ocean connects you all.’

‘Wee dafty!’

I am walking alone lost in time and space
On the quest for my story

A voice from the wilderness calls
An echo rises from deep within
Answering the call
And the voice stops
No more echo pilot home

Home within
Home outwith

Can you ever truly arrive?
Isn’t the point the journey?

‘I am an island’
You insist.
‘Then why do you hold a paddle?’

Binge watching ‘Dark’ on Netflix was probably not a good idea.

Outer Hebrides: The children lost

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Child’s footprint in sand

Children leave deep imprints in your soul
No matter how long they were with you
Or if they only ever were:

could have beens,
almost theres,
come and gones

Their traces
Last forever

Alienated or empty nest
A wish unfulfilled
Or an attempt gone wrong

There are deep footprints
In an empty space